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Ohio Consumers File Class Action Against Home Depot for Alleged Deceptive Contractor Program

Two Ohio consumers have filed a class action lawsuit against Home Depot U.S.A., Inc. over what is alleged to be deceptive, unfair, and illegal conduct of Home Depot’s general contractor program.  

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Ohio Consumer Files Class Action Against Ulta Over “Free Gift” Charge

A Cleveland-area consumer recently filed a class action lawsuit against bath & body product company Ulta, claiming that the national retailer charges its customers for “free gifts” in violation of Ohio law.

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Myers Law Attorney Wins Appeal; Consumers Have New Protections From Forced Arbitration

When a consumer cancels a contract under the Home Solicitation Sales Act, that consumer cannot be forced to arbitrate the dispute when the dispute is filed in court.

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13 Consumer Rights Contractors Don’t Want You to Know.

You can’t find most of your Ohio consumer rights in the law. They are only accessible in a little-known database.

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Rules are Rules: Judge Strikes Perrino Builders’ Claims Against Dan Myers

According to the Court, Perrino Builders and Pat Perrino “have no authority” to bring the claims against Myers in the manner they tried to bring them.

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Ohio Increases Small Claims Money Limits, Helps Consumers Avoid Arbitration

This change in the law increases the potential reward for consumers, increases the risk and stakes for corporate Goliaths, and takes away one of the key weapons corporations use to avoid liability: arbitration.

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Cleveland-Area Contractor Perrino Builders Sues its Customers; Customers Respond by Seeking Sanctions for Frivolous Conduct

Dan Myers seeks sanctions against Perrino Builders and its attorneys for frivolous conduct, claiming that Perrino Builders’ requests are contrary to over a century of settled law.

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