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Information on Ohio's Consumer Laws from Attorney Daniel Myers, Myers Law, LLC, not legal advice

Learn About Ohio’s Consumer Laws from Attorney Daniel J. Myers

Thank you for visiting the Ohio Consumer Law Blog.  This blog was created by Myers Law, LLC and attorney Daniel Myers to inform Ohio consumers and businesses about the laws that affect their everyday lives, whether they know it or not.

The posts published in this blog are informative, but they are not legal advice.  Because each situation is unique and because separate courts in all corners of Ohio interpret the law in different ways, you must contact an experienced consumer law attorney to obtain the specific legal advice you need.  My hope is to inform you about the current laws, and keep you informed and up-to-date with the critical changes in these laws.

Whether you are a consumer or a business, you will find this blog helpful and useful.

Consumers will gain an appreciation of some rights they have that they probably did not know about.  For example, did you know that you may have the right to cancel many home construction and repair contracts even after you sign them and receive a full refund?  Did you know you may be entitled to a refund if someone takes too long to deliver goods to you that they promised?  What are your rights (these are only a few) when you are getting a pre-paid membership to a gym, dance studio, or spa?  You will learn about Ohio’s laws and how they affect you.  You will also catch some of the “warning signs” and have a better idea about when you need to contact a consumer law attorney.

Businesses will find a lot of helpful information in this blog, too.  You will

  • learn about some of the forms the law may require you to use (you probably are not using them right now);
  • learn how you may be exposing yourself to personal liability by operating your business the wrong way;
  • learn what other businesses have done to protect themselves from Ohio’s laws;
  • learn what not to do.

I will update this blog regularly.  From time to time you may also hear about our exclusive offers, including

  • webinars;
  • recorded seminars; and
  • in-person live-workshops for consumers and businesses, alike.

Many of these events will be free.  These seminars and webinars have helped countless other consumers, businesses, and attorneys across Ohio in understanding their rights and responsibilities under the law.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you take the time to follow me and check back for more information regularly.


Daniel J. Myers, Esq.

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