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ShieldConsumers.com: New Myers Law Website; Same Consumer Law Focus

Here at Myers Law, we have been working diligently to bring better consumer rights content and more useful legal information to our clients, our readers, and other consumers throughout Ohio.

In doing this, we have published a new website, ShieldConsumers.com.  At ShieldConsumers.com, you can find newer information about your consumer rights, and especially homeowner rights.  We have included useful tips and information on how to find, hire, and pay home improvement and home repair contractors.  There is more detailed information about Ohio’s consumer protection laws, and we share real life examples of consumer violations, including debt collection harassment and abuse.

This information is more detailed than what was available previously at MyersLawLLC.com, and we hope that you will find it even more education and useful.  Let us know what you think about it by dropping us a line through our “Contact” page at ShieldConsumers.com.  Feel free to share the new website, and tell others about it.

While the website looks new, and is new, we are still the same Myers Law.  Our focus is on protecting consumers against abusive, deceitful, and unfair business practices.  At Myers Law, we help good people fight bad businesses.  We hope to hear from you soon about our new website.

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